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Welcome to the NC STARS Women’s Football Team official website.

The North County Stars are a San Diego Women’s Tackle Football team that is all about creating a positive experience for our players and staff and showing the community that women’s football can be as intense and fun to watch as their counterparts. . We compete in the Pacific West Division of the IWFL.

Founded in 2000, the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) is an international women’s tackle football organization. The IWFL provides women’s tackle football teams the opportunity to play at the top competition tier of their sport, while fostering an environment of goodwill and sportsmanship throughout the organization.

The IWFL is the standard bearer for quality in the sport of women’s tackle football. Offering participation levels appropriate for all markets the IWFL has taken the lead in the development of women’s football for future generations.
The IWFL is represented in 51 different markets across the United States and Canada by teams that compete in one of two current competition categories.Type your paragraph here.